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La Aurora


In 1903, Eduardo León Jimenes founded the La Aurora cigar factory in Don Pedro, Guazumal community, in the province of Santiago de los Caballeros. With a small investment he began his dream of creating a world-class brand of hand-made cigars.


The year 1963 marks a milestone for La Aurora. In addition to the transfer to a new headquarters in Villa Progreso, on the outskirts of Santiago de los Caballeros, on that date the export of cigarettes to the world was resumed. The founder's dream took shape again.


With 113 years of history, La Aurora is today a modern cigar factory with more than 1100 workers, a production of more than 1 billion units a year and with a presence in 67 world markets. His relationship with Tabacalera Falto and its founder, Luis J. Falto, dates back a quarter of a century, during which this alliance has produced the only Ultra Boutique Premium cigars made under the eye of a blender master from Puerto Rico.

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